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Let Jule hip you up to some everyday cooking tricks to get your kitchen rockin’… learn how to shop to stock, and acquire the right kitchen tools, so you have cool stuff around to throw together some great munchies all the time. 


On Food Presentation:

We present ourselves in so many ways, we like to look good physically, and we should also want our food to be presented in the same way.

Even the most mundane foods, with a little presentation effort, can transform, say, a McDonalds burger...into a diner burger! well, you get the point. 

Now, all you have to do is hire yourself a svelte 30-something kitchen helper to come in and wash the dishes... with extensive training, of course, and you can concentrate on food presentation!


Baking Cookies
Chilled cookie dough vs. just made room temp cookie dough
CHILL your dough for several hours before baking -- it makes all the difference!

Importance of good kitchen tools:

Needless to say, I own a bevy of knives.  As far as brand names, I prefer Heinkel, but this particular line of knives can be quite costly.
Sharp chef's knife is crutial and a good cerated knife is so important.

While cutting, using a saw-ing motion with sandwiches in particular, is a necessary habit to aquire.  This way you don't flatten your culinary creations.
(use tuna, or chick salad as example cut)

Temperature control:

Here is the best rule ever to follow:
Less is more, watch that can always increase...but if you burn it, your history.
Get to know whether your oven runs hot -- or a little slow.  Plan your cooking temps. and times accordingly.


Mixers, Food Processors, Blenders:
Ya'll gotta have at least one of these kitchen items in order to make it happen!  I have a small Food Processor/Chopper and I own the best mixer known to man or woman........The Kitchen Aid Mixer..........yes, it's costly...oh, but so worth it.  I own a Globe Slicer.

Stoves & Ovens:
I have every type of oven going -- a Microwave, a Toaster Oven, a Vulcan 8 burner, two oven, top Grill & broiler professional Stove, and a standard house stove.  Needless to say, out of the stoves/ Vulcan has my heart (Live Long and Prosper!) -- but I could cook a gourmet 7 course meal with just my Microwave and my Toaster Oven.  The most important thing is knowing your appliances nuances, and how to utilize and operate them to the best of your abilities.

Onion Cutting Tip:

Preparing (cutting onions) can make you cry! – The trick is to breath through your mouth (not your nose) by placing a wooden spoon, or the like in your mouth length-wise.


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