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Quotable Quotes:

“The planes were often gorgeous, more like Hollywood penthouses than aircrafts, 
complete with all amenities, luxury abounded.”  Jule

“Deliveries were ridiculous, often navigating steep, narrow stair ways into the planes, in all seasons, sporting all types of weather, often on wind-whipped runways.” Jule

“It was cool to be able to venture into private secluded airport areas and rooms for those with passes, into the silicon alley of contemptuous, first rate travel budgets.” Jule

“It was difficult not to drop everything and pull up a chair to talk with which ever notable personality we were serving.  Maintenance of one’s professional occupation was important to enforce, as it was paramount to our level of success over and beyond the food we had prepared.” Jule

"Food Service will break your back, and your ass." Jule

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Notorious Quotes: (tongue in cheek)

“I’ll never view melons in the same way again”...U. Heffer

“She invaded my kitchen, and I liked it”...Greg Poop-on

“Julia and Martha are sloppy seconds compared to cookin’ wit Jule”...Puff Dat Pastry

“Her recipes are literally worth millions”...McDonald  Trump

“Cooking with Jule was the experience of a lifetime”                                                                      ...Kidd-RockSalt

Jule’s hot cross buns deserve the highest congressional metal of honor”
...President Thuman

“Exquisitely Tactful”...Gour-maids Magazine

Jule working on a 5:00am breakfast catering job

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