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Jule Carey was co-owner of Creative Food Services, a gourmet off premise catering business, and J.R.'s Place (luncheonette) in partnership with head Chef graduate, Philip Cappiello, of the Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park, N.Y.) Jule held the culinary titles of Chef Garde Mange (cold kitchen), Head Baking Chef, and Sous Chef of the general kitchen (She also brewed a mean cup of coffee!)

Located in Bergen County, New Jersey, with in close proximity to several local, domestic and international airports, opportunities unfolded, and this small kitchen tucked away in a tree lined town, became active on the inner circuit of airline catering for a long list of celebrities traveling on Chartered private jets to endless destinations.

Combining Rock and Roll and Cooking was a blast...Jule



Jule dining in Italy
     Jule dining in Italy




These types of jobs were very exclusive and often breaking into this 
end of the culinary business is quite difficult, albeit, if it ain't broke, 
don't fix it. Caterers will always abound, but the high pressured, 
tight scheduled jobs of airline personnel, keeps them fostering 
work to the same caterers over and over again, for, quality, 
dependability, flexibility, ease of contact and established rapport, 
and of course, superior food and services.

Jule became just that, rising to the task, and achieving culinary 
acclaim and a resume of celebrities she had the pleasure of 
preparing signature dishes, requested recipes and intricate lengthy menus. 
It was a stellar notch in Jule's culinary career, one that any food 
professional hopes for. Years of service in this area give way to 
much knowledge of culinary preferences, fond memories, brushing 
elbows with stars and becoming privy to culinary menu secrets.

She excelled in this field for approximately eight years, 
while continuing to pursue her musical career.

"Combining Rock and Roll and Cooking was a blast"...Jule

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