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Jule’s Chicken Salad

They came from far and wide for my chicken salad sandwiches and platters when I was sous chef at Creative Food Services luncheonette, J.R.'s Place.  After they came from afar, they opened wide !

Boil boneless chicken breast in a pot of salted water, or boneless chicken thighs.  Turkey can be substituted. 

TIP: After boiling allow the chicken to completely cool in the pot of water you just boiled it in.  Removing the chicken from the pot of water before cooling makes the chicken breast tough!  So boil, remove pot from heat, and cool chicken in the pot of water.

*Chop up cooled chicken (shredding is optional, I like to chunk mine)
*Pour some pickle juice over it (about 4 Tablespoons, toss)
*Chop up some celery
*Chop up some red pepper
*Finely chop up some dill pickles
*Toss all ingredients in bowl
*Add some bread crumbs (not alot) to absorb moisture

Add spices: (I like)

White pepper
Lawry’s Seasoning (has Salt)
Add salt if you do not have Lawry’s Seasoning
Touch of onion powder

Mix in bowl with Hellmann’s Mayo (or your favorite type of mayo)

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