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Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

When the cupboard is bare – a grilled cheese will be there…

Rules for making a simple "great" grilled cheese sandwich

Sliced Bread
Cheese (American, or any sliced variety, Swiss, Muenster etc…)
Optional tomato slices, Ham, Salami, Pepperoni, Bacon slices

Grilled Cheese Success Tip:

Melt the Butter in frying pan vs. applying and spreading the butter on the bread risking ripping or tearing it.  Unless you have very soft room temperature butter to work with.

Temperature control while frying the perfect Grilled Cheese sandwich is imperative. You want the cheese to melt slowly, baby…or you’ll risk burning the bread on the outside and the cheese won’t be gooey and melted on the inside.

Oven Method Open-Face Grilled Cheese:

Oregano or Basil

Pile it all on the bread slices, with toppings on top of the cheese – place in toaster oven or regular oven on the broil setting – grill ‘til bubbly.  This method of cooking has less calories than frying the sandwich in butter.  If you’re watching calories, purchase a lo-fat cheese and grill on whole grain bread—or shoot your diet to hell and fry it !!

*Serve either variety with dill pickles and potato chips.

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