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Frank-aayy's Freakin' Frittata

I'm proud to have Frank-aayy as a friend, particularly when we are salivating when swapping recipes or describing our favorite dishes…Frank-aayy had ol' Jule salivating in the lobby of a movie theater over his frittata... he slipped her his recipe in the dark theater while sitting in the back row...I vowed to never view Frittatas the same way again !...oh, and the movie wasn't bad either...Here's Frank-aayy's recipe (in his own words.)

You'll need:
- (1) Bell pepper (green or red, or half green and half red).
- (1) onion
- (6) Eggs
- Italian bread (or rolls, maybe even white bread)
- Ricotta Cheese (or any cheese you like)
- Salt & Pepper

- Slice peppers and onions.  Saute' peppers and onions
in a large non-stick frying pan until soft and tender
(I like using red bell peppers, they're more colorful.
Or you can use a combo of green and red). 

-Scramble eggs in a bowl and add to peppers and
onions.  Do not stir.  I used 6 eggs in my Frittata.
I like saying the word Frittata!  LOL!  You could take
pan away from heat at this time.

-Pull pinches of soft Italian bread and scatter around
pan evenly.  (Kind of like pepperoni on a pizza).

-Also scatter spoonfuls of Ricotta Cheese evenly in
the pan. Do not stir.

-Add salt & pepper and place frying pan in a
pre-heated oven @ 350 degrees for approximately 15 to
20 minutes.  I would check it every 5 minutes after
putting it into the oven.  Check the bottom of the
Frittata and remove once it is golden brown.  For best
results use a cast iron frying pan if you have one.
They are the best non stick pans you could ever own!

Like we said at the theater, you could get creative
with your Frittata (there's that word again!), try
different cheeses and you could add potatoes,
mushrooms, garlic, etc.

*Frank-aayy uses a heavy cast iron skillet (which he loves very much) to prepare
his Freakin' Frittata.

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