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Elvis Presley’s Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich

It’s easy to see why his white jump suit got tight!


2 slices of white bread
2 tablespoons of smooth peanut butter
1 small ripe banana - mashed
2 tablespoons butter

Spread the peanut butter on one slice of bread and the mashed banana on the other. Press the slices gently together. Melt the butter (or do what Elvis did and melt bacon fat), over low heat in a small frying pan.

Place the sandwich in the pan and fry until golden brown on both sides.

Elvis ate this sandwich with a glass of buttermilk (Yeech!)
but Jule Carey prefers regular milk!

Note: While watching Elvis Presley’s housekeeper prepare this dish in a TV Documentary, she toasted the bread (in a conventional toaster) before spreading the peanut butter & banana and frying.

*Essentially, this sandwich is very similar in cooking to a Grilled Cheese.

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